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Tanya ‘Meera’ Sharma returns to Star Plus’ Saathiya; Meera to go through a transformation

On-screen character Tanya Sharma otherwise known as Meera will soon be back on Star Plus’ Saathiya in the wake of settling inventive issues over her part!! had before announced about Tanya having a clear contention over the track ahead with Producer Rashmi Sharma. According to our prior report, Tanya was not enthused about playing a mother, attributable to which she was notwithstanding examining to stop the show.

Be that as it may, now, things appear to be fine and Tanya will be back as Meera.

In any case, we hear that there will be a noteworthy change found in the character with her rebound.

According to dependable sources, “The forthcoming track will see a sensational high point where it will be uncovered that Bhavani (Priya Marathe) would have abducted Meera. As a byproduct of Meera, Bhavani will request her progression girl Sita (Shruti Prakash) to be given over to her.”

At the point when this deal arrangement will be put crosswise over to Kokila (Rupal Patel), she will quickly decline to hand over Sita to Bhavani.

In any case, the curve in the story will be that Meera will over hear the discussion occurring amongst Bhavani and Kokila, and will likewise hear to what Kokila will say in regards to her not giving Sita back. This will come as a stun to her and she will swoon.

This will prompt to a noteworthy misconception wherein Meera will accept that for Kokila, Sita is more vital than Meera. Thus she will begin abhorring her dadi to the center…

Our source uncovers, “This will get a change in Meera wherein she will return to her unique self, where she will be totally against the Modi family.”


By what method will Meera’s adjustment in conduct influence the whole family?

We hummed Tanya, who stated, “Yes, I have returned to the show, and will be on air soon. With respect to the track, you should watch it.”

It is safe to say that you are eager to watch this new track in Saathiya?

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