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Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya’s season finale promises a heart throbbing love story

After a season filled with love stories, Zing’s Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya leave their audience with a lasting message, ‘Ladaiyaan wahi hoti hai, jahan pyaar hota hai’. The story is entered around two young engineers, Sameer (Aashutosh Semwal) and Agni (Aishwarya Aher) who are not only madly in love with each other but also recently engaged. With her happiness knowing no bounds, she at the same time gets to know that she has landed her dream job. If anyone else were in her situation, they would be at the crossroads, but with supportive Sameer as her partner, he encourages her to take the job. They start spending time together in their happy-bubble before she packs off to Jaipur and they get into a long-distance relationship. As they start spending time apart, they decide that they would never fight when they are together.

But days turn into months and watching Sameer turn miserable, Sameer’s boss relates with his situation and transfers him to their Jaipur office. As Sameer surprises Agni and they both start living together, they realize that they have differences and start arguing with each other. On the verge of breaking up their relationship, the young couple are advised by well-wishers and they finally decide to live by the mantra – chahe poori life ladna pade par ladna tere saath hi hai!

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