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Aditi Rathore’s Naamkarann marathon

Star Plus’ show Naamkarann has been a national most loved and has satisfied the much buildup made around it. As far back as the creators have reported a 12 year jump in the show, Aditi Rathore, who will play the adult Avni (lead hero) in the show, has been on her toes to get into the character’s skin totally.

To get a substance of Avni, how she talks, her level of development at such a young age and a great deal more; Aditi is giving it her everything to get into Avni’s shoes totally. Truth be told, not just the performing artist spent a day or two with Arsheen Naamdar, who is as of now touted as more youthful Avni, additionally, she went to the lengths of watch all the scene of Naamkarann till date to get the hang of it. The dazzling diva, is on a Naamkarann marathon as far back as she marked the agreement of Avni. Not exclusively does she watch it in her recreation time, yet she additionally keeps on viewing the scenes around evening time after she returns from her shoot.

Her devotion was tremendously valued, when the show’s maker and Bollywood’s veteran chief, Mahesh Bhatt, advised her about Avni. The performing artist began watching the show from the earliest starting point when it initially circulated in September up till now. The on-screen character’s diligent work is really paying off after she was complimented for her execution as Avni on the sets!

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