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Aditi Sajwan shares the scariest Paranormal experience!

Chidiya Ghar actress Aditi Sajwan recounts her paranormal experience! And it is scary…

Ghostbusters is releasing soon in India and the franchise has fans all over. One such fan is actress Aditi Sajwan, who is currently seen in Sab TV’s show Chidiya Ghar.

The movie is a supernatural action comedy. We asked Aditi if she has had any supernatural/paranormal experience. The actress narrated one such experience, “A couple of weeks back, we were shooting in a Studio which is known to be a haunted set. In the first night itself many unpleasant and unexplained things happened, like the sudden cry of the horses brought for shooting, thousands of insects all over us and hearing the clear sound of payal in our makeup rooms. Also, one of the light men fell from first floor and was wounded and he told us that he felt a push from behind.”

She also added, “There was a parking area where I used to park my car every day, but one morning after pack up I went there and saw there was no car, I got so confused, but then I saw my car parked in the opposite side of the parking where I had never parked. This one incident got me really scared and I just wanted the whole schedule to get over with.”
Looks like Aditi requires the help from Ghostbusters! (You might to, just look under your bed!)

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