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Aniruddh Dave’s wife to play his heroine

Aniruddh Dave has turned second time fortunate! The performing artist’s significant other, Shubhi Ahuja, will play his courageous woman in the show ‘Y.A.R.O Ka Tashan’. They had cooperated in “Bandhan” two years prior, yet weren’t a couple in those days.

Strikingly, Aniruddh was ignorant regarding his significant other packing a section in the show. “I had no clue that she had gone for the tryout and got settled. Indeed, even my innovative group kept it a mystery. I learnt about it substantially later, amid the ridicule shoot. She needed to work with me and I am happy to have another opportunity.”

Inquire as to whether he was instrumental in getting her the part and he answers, “No, every on-screen character gets take a shot at legitimacy and nobody can assume that acknowledgment away. It would enthusiasm as she will sentiment my character, which is of a machine.” Will it be troublesome for him to limit his feelings while romancing his genuine spouse? “On the set, she is simply one more co-performing artist. I am an expert and can’t permit my own life to direct my work,” he asserts.

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