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Babuji to be forced to KISS a lady in Chidiya Ghar

SAB TV’s Chidiya Ghar (Garima Productions) is set to bring another exciting track for its viewers.
The upcoming episode will revolve around the head of the family Babuji (Rajendra Gupta).
According to our sources, this episode is going to shock masses as Babuji will be put in a fix and will be asked to kiss a lady for the first time.
Shocked right?
Here is the entire tale!
According to the plot, Balwan and his gang will get bail from the jail and they will decide to take revenge from Babuji.
Thus, as planned, Balwan will kidnap Chuhiya’s kids Machhar and Makkhi. Later, Balwan will ask Babuji to kiss the wife of the Prime Minister in front of everyone.
Babuji will be shocked to hear this but at the same time he will decide to do it because the family will be worried about the kids. It will take lot of time for him to prepare himself to kiss the lady but finally he will manage to do it.
Babuji’s sudden act will leave everyone shocked and later police and media will follow him to know the reason.
Will Babuji manage to save the kids?
This particular episode will air from next week.

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