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Badho Bahu-Gangaa mahasangam: Lucky to save Krishna from goons

&TV will soon air a mahasangam episode of Badho Bahu (Sunny Side Up & Hum-Tum-Tele-Films Private Limited) and Gangaa (Sphereoriginis) which will witness major twist and turns!!
The premise for the drama will be Badho Bahu set wherein Gangaa team will reach for their family’s well being.
As per a reliable source, Ganga (Aditi Sharma) will learn that Niranjan (Hiten Tejwani) has blood cancer. The Chaturvedi family will be shocked to hear the news. Tensed Dadi (Sushmita Mukherjee) will go to a Baba who will suggest them to visit a temple in Haryana as their problem could be solved after seeking Lord’s blessing.
Furthermore, Dadi, Ganga and Krishna (Ruhana Khanna) will visit Haryana. Meanwhile, Lucky’s (Prince Narula) gang will be the security management team at the temple. While Dadi and Ganga will be busy seeking Lord’sblessing, a gang of goons will kidnap Krishna.
Ganga and Dadi will soon learn that Krishna has gone missing and they will start searching for her. The handsome wrestler Lucky will come as a saviour for the little girl and will fight with the goons. Lucky will manage to save Krishna and they will start bonding.
We hear that Prince and Ruhana not only bonded on-screen but off-screen too. They were busy talking and having fun when the camera was not rolling.
We could not get through the actors for a comment.
Get ready for this fascinating integration on &TV to air in the first week of December.

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