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Bakool to don the garb of lord Shiva in Bhaag Bakool Bhaag

Colors’ Bhaag Bakool Bhaag, produced by Edit II Productions, is all set to bring forth a laughter riot episode for the viewers.
In the recent episode, the loyal audience of the show have witnessed the kidnapping of Sheena (Hiba Nawab). They have also seen how Bakool (Jay Soni) comes into the picture to save her. Even the lord Ganesha idol which he had booked for Sheena’s house by mistake goes to Jigna (Shruti Rawat).
According to our sources in the upcoming episode, “Sheena will want the Ganesha Idol at her home. And when Bakool sees the Idol at his home, he would try to sneak away with the idol. When Jigna will get a hint of Bakool’s intentions, she would not be allowing him to hover anywhere near it. That is why Bakool will be chalking out a plan. He will don the look of Lord Shiva and visit Jigna’s place, so that he can easily take away the idol without much ado. He will be appearing in front of Jigna and will be telling her that he wants to take the Ganesha idol. Jigna will become overwhelmed to see Lord Shiva in all his glory in front of her and she would humbly say “Ganesh is your son, you can take it.” That is when Bakool in Shiva’s garb will take away the idol and give it to Sheena.”
Wow!!! That’s what a fun sequence should be like.
Whenever Jay Soni has impersonated or donned a disguised look in the show, it has always been comical. Earlier, when he had put on the garb of a woman in the show, he had nailed it. It would be interesting to watch whether he can do justice to the Shiva look as well.
We tried to reach out to actors but they remained unavailable.
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