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Bengali TV show actors share their Durga Puja plans

Finally, it is that time of the year again. The time of Durga puja in Bengal! The cane grass swaying away with the wind, the partly overcast skies, the omniscient reverberating ‘UlluDhwani’, the characteristic Pujo smell (Pujor Gondho) all make the occasion otherworldly and the five days of the Durgo Pujo makes Bengal a different place in the country.
With such big an extravaganza, It is but natural for people to make their celebration plans in advance and our Tollywood actors are no different. caught up with some of the actors of Bengali TV shows to know about their puja plans. Read on.
Prapti Chatterjee: Well, this year, pujo is going to be super fun, it’s doubly special because it is also my birthday on Ashtami… so big plans for that…
Payel De: I will be in Himachal with family.
Debattama Saha: Actually, I haven’t made any plans for Puja as such. I am not even going to Assam this year, instead, my dad and sister are coming here. I will be working on Saptami also. On Ashtami, I guess I will make plans with my parents and on Nabami, I will go out with my friends. I haven’t planned anything for Dashami yet. I will take lots of rest as I don’t get to rest much.
Ravi Shaw: My Durga pujo plans comprise of pandal hopping, eating and no diet, house parties, clubbing, gaming and maybe will chill out with friends in a farm house in one of the days during the occasion.
Happy Puja, guys!

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