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Bong actresses and their favourite lipstick colour

A pair of well maintained lips can make one feel beautiful and stand out with confidence in the crowd.
It’s your lips that express a lot about your personality so choosing the right colour is of utmost importance.
Every girl has her favourite colour and actresses are no different.

So, we asked some of our Bengali film and TV actors about their favourite lipstick colour. Read on-
Prapti Chatterjee

I really like Lakme Absolute Matte Pink; that is hands down my favourite lipstick.

Priyanka Sarkar

I like Mac as the quality is great and it stays for a long time. It’s worth every penny. I prefer Brave, Kinda Sexy, and Mehr by Mac as they are quite close to natural lip colour. I also like Maybelline. It has two ranges: 8 hour and 10 hour. They are quite good and actually last that long. Here I like the great Matte colour collection. And if I need a glossy application then definitely I prefer bright, peppy colours and glossy finish by Rimmel.
Amandeep Sonkar

Well, my favourite lipstick is the classic Ruby Woo by Mac. I feel it’s the perfect red shade for any skin tone.

Amrita Chattopadhyay

Previously, I was not much into lipsticks but nowadays am. My current favourites are wine and marsala. Nude shades are my all time favourites. I like brands such as Mac, Revlon and Lakme Absolute range.
Rukma Roy
I like Ruby Woo.

Nabanita Da

My favourite is Retro Matte A 35 by Mac.
Piyali Basu

I like nut brown colour or any shades of brown.
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