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Deepika to get lovestruck in Dhhai Kilo Prem

Before you start thinking that there is some new man in Deepika’s life, we are yet to see the chemistry & love unfold in Deepika & Piyush’s marital life to even imagine Deepika in love with someone new!

But Sandiip Sikcand’s Dhhai Kilo Prem is all set for a new love angle between Sarika & this new entrant! Piya Albela starrer Suraj Kakkar will now enter the show albeit in a grey character & will be smitten by Sarika at her birthday party. Only time will tell if it turns into love or just a one sided attraction.

The birthday party will have many other wow moments. Piyush lets his hair down & dances to his heart’s content & the die hard Deepika falls further deeper in love seeing Piyush dance this way!

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