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Earthquake in SAB TV’s Chidiya Ghar

SABTV’s prominent satire dramatization Chidiya Ghar (Garima Productions) which engages masses with its cheerful comic drama will now stun its watchers.

Yes, the coming turn in the above show will leave watchers paralyzed.

In the up and coming scene, Chidiya Ghar family will get got in a monstrous seismic tremor. Everybody in the Narayan family will panick and concoct approaches to manage it.

Be that as it may, here comes the contort!

After the high voltage dramatization we will see that it will be Chuhiya’s (Trishikha Ashish Tripathi) negligible dream arrangement.

Thank god!

Remarking on the same, Aditi Sajwan, who assumes the part of Koyal, shared, “Interestingly we have shot with tempest fans to outwardly demonstrate watchers that we really were influenced by quake. This specific arrangement was shot in an open place and ground was loaded with layers of mud. After the shoot was over we as a whole were turned dark with mud and our eyes turned red and began tingling.”

Well done, group Chidiya Ghar!!!

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