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Even before meeting her, I fell in love with her name: Gourab about Adrija

Kolkata: Love can happen anytime anywhere…and for Gourab and Adrija it happened on the sets of their first television show…

Yes, the good looking couple was struck by cupid’s arrow on the sets of Zee Bangla’s Bedeni Moluyar Kwatha and what makes their love story even more romantic is the fact that even before falling in love with her, he fell in love with her name.

Ah! That’s pure romantic!

For the uninitiated, Bedeni Moluyar Kwatha saw Gourab essaying the character of Rajkumar Surya while Adrija was seen in the role of Rajkumari Urmimala.

So, how did their love story begin, curiously we asked and Gourab happily shared with business cash, “Even before meeting her, I fell in love with her name. We met on the sets of my first serial Bedeni Moluyar Kwatha which was produced by Raj Chakraborty Productions.”

“We both fell for each other at the same moment but expressed our feelings after a long time on a special day. It was a Valentine’s Day when we proposed to each other,” he added with a smile.

Adrija is currently busy with Sanyasi Raja while Gourab is occupied with Bhakter Bhagaban Shri Krishna. With both being busy television actors, we asked how do they manage time for each other. He said, “Due to lack of time, initially we used to meet only on the shooting floors. When the serial ended we got some time for each other but soon realized that time is an important factor in this profession so everything has to be done by valuing time and of course by keeping work as the primary priority.”

With a concerned voice, he further added, “Adrija’s world is still a fairytale to her. Everything is like a dream to her. Thus, I try to keep her in her dream world. I am a tough person, whom she makes soft easily.”

Aww! That’s really cute!

When asked what he gifted her this Valentine’s Day, he shared, “I gave her quite a few gifts including a Hyundai Verna car. But the biggest gift for her I think is the promise that I made to her. I gave her words that every day we will be each other’s Valentine.”

Next we asked if they would like to work in the same serial in future to which he replied, “I definitely want to work with her. We started from the same serial.”

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