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Heres’ what Shaleen has to say about wife Dalljeits emotional message to him!

Today marks Dalljeit and Shaleen’s 7th wedding anniversary.

Actors Shaleen Bhanot and Dalljeit Kaur will go their separate ways and split legally in the month of February. The two also have a son named Jaydon. And post divorce, Jaydon’s custody will be given to Dalljeit.

A journey began 7 years back. Today it will live for the last time before we get declared divorced in two months time…. lots happened…lots was said…lots was felt….and lots was lived….. but one thing i know by the end of this journey is that i got Jaydon who is my life…my reason to live….if i hadnt walked through this route of destiny…i wouldnt have had Jaydon in my arms. I think god has bigger plans and we all dont see it until we live it. So as i live my marriage anniversary for the last time….today i want to wish shaleen a good life. May u have a good,happy and successful life and may u find ur peace too….

And this is what Shaleen in turn had to say to her. Said Shaleen,”It is a very emotional day for me today. I wish Dalljeit all the happiness in life.”
With the couple soon going their separate ways, we wish the couple all the very best for all the things to come.

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