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Ichha to get TRAPPED in SAB TV’s Ichhapyaari Naagin

SAB TV’s Ichhapyaari Naagin (Alchemy Productions) will soon bring another captivating scene for its vigorous watchers.

The coming scene will spin around Ichha (Priyal Gor), Babbal (Mishkat Varma) and his dad Khadak Singh (Badrul Islam).

According to the plot, Khadak Singh will touch base at a conclusion to seize winds as he will be pronounced as sapera by Guruji in his past life. Khadak Singh will bring a plant, and tell everyone that if any snake notices this plant, or approaches it, would naturally lose its energy.

Ichha would catch this and will appear as a snake and draw near to the plant. Khadak will seize her and put her inside a container. In any case, each time when Babbal will attempt to help Ichha, he will be hindered by the relatives. He will feel miserable seeing Ichha getting harmed by relatives. Fortunately, Babbal will figure out how to discharge Ichha by softening the Jar up time.

Afterward, Babbal would bring the security box for Ichha, and educate her on the off chance that she possesses a scent reminiscent of any threat, she ought to take a type of Naagin and get inside it.

This time Khadak will bring a jewelry made out of the plant and offers it to everybody compellingly to wear it.

By what means will Babbal spare Ichha from Khadak?

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