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My intentions are to entertain with dignity: Sunil Grover

Taking after a spat with entertainer on-screen character Kapil Sharma, Sunil Grover says that he will probably act and engage individuals with respect.

Sunil was a piece of the hit troupe of comics on Kapil’s prominent show “The Kapil Sharma Show”, until came the news that Kapil professedly struck and mishandled him in an intoxicated state while on a flight.

“I will likely act and to engage with poise. For me, cash can’t be the main motivation to accomplish something, or not to accomplish something,” Sunil tweeted on Wednesday.

The remarks of the comic, who highlighted as Dr Mashoor Gulati and Rinku Bhabhi on the show, came after the news of Sunil coming back to the show began doing the rounds.

It was accounted for that both Sunil and Kapil have chosen to deal with their issues and cooperate. Some even recommended that he was bound by an agreement and henceforth, would need to be a piece of the show.

(Source: IANS)

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