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Jhinal Belani injured on sets

Performing artist Jhinal Belani, who is viewed as Sonu in TV demonstrate “Har Mard ka Dard”, got harmed after she tumbled from the stairs. The episode ended the show’s shoot for quite a while.

While shooting for a grouping for the Life OK appear on Wednesday, Jhinal slipped and got harmed. She was given quick medicinal guide.

“We were shooting for a succession around the stairs and incidentally my leg slipped and I tumbled off the stairs,” Jhinal said in an announcement.

“I didn’t know the effect was bad to the point that my specialist disclosed to me I should be on entire bed rest for two or three days. My knees are wounded and I’m not permitted to do any sort of physical development for three to four days,” she included.

On observing her condition, the generation group chose to shoot without her and advised her to continue once she is fine.

“It was sweet of the group to permit me finish rest as I am in no condition to move. Gratefully, it’s nothing major and I will keep on shooting in several days,” she included.

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