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Jigariyaa’ actor Harsh Vardhan Deo turns gangster for a short film

Unforgiving Vardhan Deo, who made his Bollywood make a big appearance with “Jigariyaa” is set to entrance the group of onlookers once more. The performing artist assumed the part of straightforward residential area kid in his presentation motion picture has actually experienced a 360-degree change. In the up and coming short film ‘Neelofar’, he will be viewed as a merciless criminal.

Speaking more about his character in ‘Neelofar’, Harsh says,”I can’t uncover much detail starting at now. Everything I can state is that, I am playing a hoodlum Zafar in the film. He is daring, road shrewd, flashy yet old school in his reasoning.”

The on-screen character prior avowed that he needs to reevaluate himself in each film, with each part. Whenever tested, what made him say yes to the short film, Harsh stated, “When “Neelofar” came my direction, I found the story so holding and my character so difficult, that I said yes immediately. Additionally, this short film is diverse on the grounds that it is the first of its kind in this arrangement ‘A Gangster Drama’. Furthermore, it has been given like an appropriate element film with the best of ability meeting up.”

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