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Kushal Tandon’s bride search reports rock the media

Being a celebrity is not always as enticing as it may seem. Yes, they are famous and have a large fan base, but apart from these perks, a celeb also has to deal with the occasional unwanted attention.
Having to deal with fake news stories about yourself is surely an uphill task, wouldn’t it?
Stardom has its highs and its lows; and the latest celeb who is on the receiving end of such crummy stories is none other than the TV industry’s hottest man Kushal Tandon!
Kushal is currently on a vacay-mode in the United Kingdom along with his family. The actor has been posting uber cool pictures from his trip on his social media accounts.
It so happens that an entertainment portal posted a story that speculated that Kushal was in London in search of a prospective bride for marriage.
Obviously, when Kushal read the story, he reacted to it uncannily:

KUSHAL TANDON ✔ @KushalT2803
Wr do u get such stories 🙃
11:32 AM – 4 Jul 2017

KUSHAL TANDON ✔ @KushalT2803
Ur not paying ur sources well 😉ne way ! M happy that u guys are happy

Haha, we’re sure he must have had a good laugh at the story; and we give big thumbs up to him for questioning the portal about its authenticity!

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