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Lata may become mad, predicts Phool in Aakash Aath’s Jhill Dangar Konnya

Kolkata: With its gripping storyline, Aakash Aath’s Jhill Dangar Konnya is keeping its loyal audience hooked to the screens. The show has a lot more to offer in the coming days.

Avid viewers of the TV series would know that since Phool (Sukanya Paul) had predicted her friend Tushi’s future, the latter’s parents had tried to knock her down. In the coming episodes, Phool will again foresee something. Read on to know-

Well, when Lata’s mother will invite Malati and her family to attend Narayan Puja, Phool will come out of her room and tell her that worshipping the lord won’t yield any positive result. Instead, she must send Latadidi somewhere faraway or else Latadidi will become mentally ill. On hearing this, Lata’s mother will ask her how she can be so sure. To which, Phool will ask her to notice how everything has become so dark around them.

Where is Phool hinting at? What is going to happen next in the village of Jhill Danga? To know more watch the tale or stay hooked to this space.

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