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Meet Abeer Soofi’s new friend on the set of Mere Sai

Mumbai, 24 January, 2018: There is an adorable, playful and a cute little member on the sets of Mere Sai (Dashami Creations). She is everyone’s favourite and most importantly, Sai essayed by Abeer Soofi’s constant companion and best friend. Any guesses who is his new friend?

Well she is a tiny brown coloured calf named, Lakshmi.

Lakshmi has not only found a home but has also grabbed everyone’s attention on the set as they jump in to feed her milk with the dropper. While she is friendly with everyone, she follows Abeer everywhere and jumps around hinting her playtime. If, for some reason Abeer is not able to play with her, she pushes him around with her tiny feet and mouth.

Says Abeer, “It is so much fun to have Laksmi on our sets. Most of us have pets at home but to raise a calf is a different experience. She is a stress buster and everyone loves having her around. We all feel that she is a little gift from Sai to us, who brings smile and joy to everyone around.”

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