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Melissa Pais to play alien in SAB TV’s Chidiya Ghar

SAB TV’s Chidiya Ghar (Garima Productions) will soon come up with a new interesting story line.

The makers of the show have roped in Melissa Pais for the upcoming sequence. Melissa has earlier been part of Chidiya Ghar where she played the love interest of Gadha Prasad (Jitu Shivhare) and Sandeshwar Mama (Ketan Karande).

This time Melissa will turn an alien in the show.

As per the plot, Chidiya Ghar family will get to know that some aliens have landed in their city Banaras. As per the government rules, people would be asked to bring the aliens home if they spot them and immediately call the authorities so that they can arrange for their deportation.

Coming to the twist, a poor family will get to know about this news and will plan to dress up like an alien and visit Chidiya Ghar in order to get shelter and food.

When we contacted Melissa, she shared, “I have worked with Garima Productions earlier and it is a pleasure to get back with the team. I enjoy shooting with these wonderful people. Along with fun there will be an emotional connect also in the episode.”

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