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#Metoo: TV celebs share their experiences on being harassed and assaulted!

The digital era has made the world a smaller place to live in. Not only are people connected with each other easily through various social media platforms, but there have also been a plethora of campaigns rolled out where people have taken a stand on the events which have brought disgrace to humanity.
In a similar stance, two simple words became a rallying cry on social media to stand against sexual harassment and assault. Women who have faced abuse, harassment, violence and threats are speaking out, and calling out to others to do the same in solidarity.
We at decided to reach out to a few popular TV celebs who chose to voice their opinion and share their experience in support of the campaign –
Manasi Salvi
We all were groped. They rubbed their penises against us in buses. Pinched us. Made bad gestures at us by their tongue and called names and verbally abused if we couldn’t let their bikes or cars pass. Yes #metoo. And this is not going to stop me from getting out of my house, realising my dreams, my ambitions and moving ahead in life.
Sukirti Kandpal
Firstly, my heart goes out to anybody and everybody who has been abused or harassed in their lives. However, I have never been subject to such an incident. I’m truly grateful to God for giving me a childhood with only childhood memories and nothing to scar it. Having said that, it’s extremely sad that people go through it. This is an amazing campaign to raise everybody’s voice against it.
Aishwarya Sakhuja
Ask any woman and she would confess #metoo. It is bad that it is acceptable to be eve teased to another magnitude in our country. Yes, it has happened with me too at my workplace and when I walked on the street. By assault I do not mean physical assault but the way men look at women or make them feel is also a harassment in itself and it is time that men know that if we are or were harassed or assaulted, it is not because of us. Something needs to be corrected and changed and it is not the women but the men.
Vahbbiz Dorabjee
Every woman has faced this issue at some point in their life. I myself have been facing this right from the time I was in school where this guy used to keep following me and I was petrified. He used to follow me and keep staring at me even at 7 am in the morning when I used to leave for school. So I have had a lot of issue but then we eventually grow up and learn how to give it back. I am a complete no-nosense person and I have tackled all of this too.
Farnaz Shetty
I was very scared of travelling in trains during my college days. I heard so many incidents that I felt that I could have encountered one anytime. I am fortunate that nothing ever happened to me. However, I have never felt safe, I always felt vibes which threatened me. I always make sure to stay alert and aware of who is around me and stay prepared for the next step like keeping pepper spray and other safety equipments. I feel women should keep these safety measures handy irrespective of something happening or not because no speech or punishment is going to change the scenario overnight.
Giaa Manek
In the times we live in, it’s extremely important for women/men/ children to speak up to protect themselves! There are many people who are afraid to speak up for themselves. Like they say ,a person who tolerates ‘wrong doings’ is at a higher fault than the person who does ‘wrong’ because silence encourages the tormentor! The tormentor has to be exposed… the fear has to be instilled in them so they will think twice before doing something wrong. They must also be punished more severely by the law. Social media has its own pros and cons. We must put social media to good use. We must break our silence so that the next generation won’t have to live with this bullshit. It’s important to be united because there is a strength in numbers!
Sheen Das
I haven’t ever faced such a thing. Infact, I have always been strict with people who even try to be funny on such topics .Sexual harassment is terrible and anyone found guilty should not be exempted from punishment.
Nikita Dutta
Contrary to what most may think, yes, I have been through this and not when I started working but way before I got into this industry.
To my surprise I have faced this living in mumbai as they say the “safest city of India”, and the safest area of the city. It makes me wonder when something little could leave me scarred for life, what rest of the women facing worse would be going through.

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