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Naren’s life in danger in Zee TV’s Piyaa Albela

Naren and Pooja, the lead couple of Zee TV’s Piyaa Albela, have been facing tough times in their married life.

The show, which is produced by Rajshri Production, will soon roll-out a track wherein Pooja and Naren will stand in an election but as a member of opposite parties. It is shocking to see Naren and Pooja turning rivals of each other!

As we know, Angraj, who is pretending to be dead, is hiding in Vyas mansion. Now, in the coming episode, he and Rahul will plot something nasty against Naren.

Rahul and Angraj will plan to kill Naren in a rally which he will plan to carry.

Will they succeed in their plans? Will Pooja manage to save Naren?

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