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Nikita Dutta on Bigg Boss, TRPs and moving on from her show Ek Duje Ke Vaaste

Nikita Dutta is looking her ravishing best in the promos of her upcoming TV show Haasil. Dutta is just few shows old but her fan following has been proliferating by the day. The leggy lass, was last seen as a girl next door, but now will be seen in a strong character in this Alchemy productions. Her enchanting smile during a conversation makes it flow smoothly without a glitch.
In an exclusive chat with , the Nikita in her alluring creamy dress spoke candidly.
Excerpts from the interview –
Talking about her character in the upcoming thriller Dutta shared, “after my first show got over, I knew I had to do something different this time. It should be something where I have to work hard and it should be completely different. Luckily, Aanchal is a character that no one has ever seen on TV. It’s a privilege to be associated with such a show.”
During times when the audiences are inclined towards supernatural and daily soaps, Haasil comes as a new concept that might be a risk. “Talking about ratings is like talking about how much money a film will make. I don’t see how that matters to me, I have never gone out asking for what is the rating of my show in my experience of two years in TV. I would neither do it now. I think ratings are something that shouldn’t bother you. At the end of it you should be happy with what you are doing. Appreciation from the audience is more than TRPs. I would never understand the trend of ratings, importance given to the length of the show. An actor is considered a good one, depending on how much long his/her show has lasted, how successful is it. I don’t understand this. I personally, won’t prefer a long running show, but never say never,” she explained.
After a stressful year post the abrupt end of her first show Ek Duje Ke Vaaste, Nikita is currently in a very peaceful headspace. Dutta said, “I’m very much at peace after a long time because when my last show ended it was very stressful time for me. I have spent 20 days in a hospital. There were lots of talks happening so getting out of that, getting in good shape and then coming back to be ready to face the camera it took me quite a while. But I’m glad that now good things are happening. I’m way more at peace now and thankful to what I have.”
Over the discussion about the whole fiasco, she further added, “it was disheartening but I think that teaches you a lot about life.
That is what my last show’s ending has taught me, how life is! It makes you stronger. Of course, there were lots of talks, besides when you don’t know what to say, people start throwing negativity. I’m glad, I have moved on. Sony trusted me, of course when God knows you are right, you are right, it takes time, but you get it. It’s all Karma! I can never hold a grudge against anyone even if I know that he has done something wrong to me.”
Diverting from her past shows, we asked Nikita about the controversial reality show Bigg Boss. Dutta was rumored to be part of the non-fiction series last year, declining those reports Nikita cleared her stance about the show. “Bigg Boss is not my zone of entertainment. I was never offered by the makers and right now I’m not in a position to get in that house but as they say never say never. Honestly, I love my life too much to share it with the world,” she concludes with a smile.

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