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Nimki to thrash a kid in the Star Bharat’s daily

Star Bharat’s Nimki Mukhiyaa has never failed to entertain the audience with its quirky tracks and sequences. The channel’s numero uno show has come up with another hysterical sequence that will leave the audience in splits.
has all the deets about the shows upcoming track.
According to a credible source, Nimki (Bhumika Gurung) will chase an upper caste boy who beats her younger brother. in order to teach the guy a lesson, Nimki will hunt him down.
The boy will jump off a cliff into a river. Nimki being as eccentric as she is, will jump into the river and keep on beating him. When a third person will tell her, the kid is drowning, Nimki will drags him out on to the shore only to thrash him some more.
“She doesn’t like the fact that an upper caste kid is being such a brat and bullies her brother,” the source explained.
The track further continues when the opposite parties rally is passing by from the shore side. The party members see Nimki with the kid. However, Nimki is presumed to be a savior by the villagers.
“The funniest part in the whole track is when Nimki is thumping the kids’ back intentionally pretending to remove water from his lungs,” the little birdie added.
This will surely bring Nimki into the limelight and make her a favorite of villagers. Sounds like an interesting episode to watch.

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