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Ouch! Mishkat Varma injured!

Freaky mishaps can abandon you shaken, would it say it isn’t?

Something comparable occurred with the chocolate kid Mishkat Varma.

The attractive star, who is seen exciting all with his execution in Icchapyari Naagin, as of late met with a bizarre accident that left him harmed.

The performer would not have even envisioned in his most extravagant fantasies that the glass, in which he was joyfully tasting espresso, would blast into pieces.

Yes, Mishkat’s glass gave away while he was holding it, and the glass pieces blasted out. One of the sharp edges cut a profound injury on his finger abandoning him dying, and in anguish.

The performing artist posted about the same on his Instagram account. Here checkout:

As he specified, the mishap could have been truly hazardous had the smashed glass pieces hit his eyes or face.

When we called Mishkat, he affirmed the news with us.

Take mind pal!

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