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Ouch! Salil Ankola INJURED!

Performing artist Salil Ankola who is seen awing all in Karmphal Data Shani (Colors and Swastik Productions) is in shocking torment.

Why? All things considered, the on-screen character as of late met with a mishap on the set.

According to a scene, Shani (Kartikey Malviya) and Suryadev (Salil) were in a war and keeping in mind that battling, an overwhelming circle slipped out of Kartikey’s hand and fell on Salil, harming him.

Discussing the episode Salil stated, “It was a heartbreaking circumstance when the circle inadvertently dropped on my neck. For couple of minutes my voice box got chocked and I additionally have few wounds around my neck territory. Fortunately, being a sportsman my reflexes are sharp and I could spare myself.”

He likewise shared that Kartikey got very steamed about the matter. “He is just 13 and was feeling tragic and remorseful about the matter. Prior to the last take, we had done couple of practices and all went well, yet amid the last take, the mischance happened. Me and my significant other Ria sat with Kartikey and made him comprehend that it was not his blame,” he jested.

Starting at now, Salil is recovering.

Get well soon!

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