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Ouch! Shardul Pandit injured!

On-screen character Shardul Pandit, who is at present playing the male lead in the well known show Kuldeepak, as of late got harmed in the exercise center while he was working out.

Right now Shardul is on torment and on painkillers. A careful expert, he is bearing the torment and shooting all the time since he works in an every day cleanser and can’t take takes off. When we contacted him to ask about his damage, he says, “This happened couple of days back when I was working out in the rec center. I hurt myself while doing some overwhelming lifts. The torment was agonizing however I was not in a position to take a leaves on the grounds that the show must go on.”

Still, Shardul is overpowered by the worry his group individuals are appearing for him. What’s more, not quite recently senior on-screen characters are spoiling him. His on screen child, the sweet youngster on-screen character Vansh Maheshwari, is demonstrating his affection in his own particular manner. Shardul says, “The general population on the set know about my harm and they are taking great care of me. Be that as it may, the individual who is taking a definitive care of me is my on-screen child Vansh Maheshwari. Wherever I am on the set, he chases after me and dependably offers me his hand so I can stand and walk legitimately.”

That is so charming, Shardul! We’re certain you’re getting a charge out of the advantages of being a father on screen!

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