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Pehredaar Piya Ki producers SLAM Karan Wahi for his irresponsible post

Ever since the launch of Sony Entertainment Television’s Pehredaar Piya Ki (Shashi Sumeet Productions), the makers and the channel are bearing the brunt of hatred and negative criticism. A call to ban the series for showing tale of a young kid marrying double his age girl on Indian television.
The situation went worse when irked viewers filed a petition to stop the show from airing, citing ‘objectionable content’ as the reason. Also, the petition has been sent to cabinet minister of textiles and information and broadcasting, Smriti Zubin Irani, to immediately stop the show from airing on TV.
The lead actress Tejaswi drew a comparison between her show and Game of Thrones and mentioned that if audiences are fine with the content of GoT then what’s the issue with the storyline of Pehredaar Piya Ki?
After a long wait, the producers of the soap Shashi and Sumeet Mittal called for a press conference to address on the entire hullabaloo.
Do you think it all started from actor Karan Wahi’s post on Facebook?
Well, I believe when Karan put up that post on Facebook he wasn’t here but in New York. So without checking the facts one should not react and put up something like this on social media. It was irresponsible of Karan to put a Facebook post and I am definitely going to ask my team to send him a letter requesting him why he has given this kind of statement and what did he found wrong in the show. If I get any answer I will surely share it with media.
Why he called Pehredaar Piya Ki stupid? Any personal animosity?
Frankly, I have no gossip for you as we have never worked with Karan earlier so we haven’t shared any good or bad relationship.
Any publicity is publicity so has the controversy helped you to gain eyeballs of viewers?
On our merit we want our show to gain success. I don’t think people are watching Pehredaar Piya Ki because of controversies. Why would someone spend 30 minutes because the show is in news? Controversies Bigg Boss mai bhi hai but at the end it your choice what you wish to watch on TV. I would request that first please watch our show and then comment on it.
We believe there has been petition filed to ban the show?
Well, even we have heard the same but nothing has been sent in written to us. When we will get anything in written we will surely reply to it as we know what kind of show we make and we are confident enough.
So where do you think you went wrong?
I don’t know what gave hype to the controversy. People have misjudged the show have not watched the show. I am shocked as people are reacting on social media watching pictures and reading other person’s tweets. Nobody has facts. And I have many people who are watching and enjoying our show. They are finding it inspiring.
But don’t you think people don’t have issues with the concept but the way scenes are aired between the young kid and lead actress Tejasvi?
Well, whoever has watched the show and has the objection against it, it is definitely their choice but without watching the single episode and reacting on it is very wrong.
Since there is lot of debate on the show, will you change the plot?
We are definitely not changing the plot as we not showing anything bad to viewers or we are promoting child marriage.
If in case the show is asked to ban will you go legal way?
We haven’t thought about it as first we want to clear our facts to solve everyone’s queries.

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