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Police to nab Rajbir-Prachi-Gauri for attempting to kill Vinayak in Siddhivinayak

MUMBAI: The &TV show Siddhivinayak (Studio B & M) has reached a point where the characters are finally getting to know the truth and are confessing what all they have been up to.

In the upcoming episodes, Rajbir (Karan Khandelwal) will get suspicious about somebody getting to know the crime they plan to execute and more than that, he is more concerned and afraid of his associates confessing the wrong doing.

However, Rajbir, Prachi (Priyanka Bora) and Gauri will make a plan to kill Vinayak (Nitin Goswami) and as per the trap, they will wait for the right moment to attack him. But the police will end up nabbing them and will interrogate them. Here the trio will get into a fight and will start blaming one another.
The police will then ask all three of them to stay away from Vinayak.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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