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Raja to find out about Rani’s fake memory loss in Ek Tha Raja…

Zee TV’s Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani (Sphereorigins) is equipping with an energizing turn in its show.

According to the progressing scenes, Rani (Eisha Singh) is faking about having lost her memory before Raj (Sarrtaj Gill), with a specific end goal to discover reality about his family.

Then again, Raj is attempting every one of the way to see whether Rani is misleading him.

Before long, in the coming scenes, Rani will understand that Raja has made sense of that she has not lost her memory and henceforth she will accelerate her arrangement. She would go to Raja’s home and bring the collection that has the old pictures. At the point when Rani’s mother Sunanda (Dolly Sohi) will see those photos she would be profoundly influenced and this is when Rani will become more acquainted with Sunanda’s side of the story. She would reveal to Rani that Raj and his family are in charge of her dad’s passing.

Rani would get stunned as she will have two adaptations of the story, one that Raja imparted to her and the other that Sunanda advised her.

Afterward, Rani will take her mother to the room where Raja’s sister and mom were kept however shockingly they won’t be found. As Raja will happen to hear Sunanda and Rani’s discussion, he will covertly send away his mom and sister.

Will Rani find out about her mom’s truth?

We called Eisha however she stayed inaccessible to remark.

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