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Rajeev Khandelwal set to return to small screen with Life OK show?

TV medium is bolting!!!

Pushed and harassed in the focused space, the fight to be numero uno, go about as an impetus for the substance makers to go the additional mile to develop triumphant in the notorious survival of the fittest.

The computerized medium has sunk its teeth and denoting its region (augmenting it) with every passing day.

Major and thriving supporters are juggling thoughts to hit on the enchantment recipe to introduce gatherings of people in large numbers.

Indian TV has profound roots in women’s activist thoughts and its pioneers have dependably been the bahus.

Toss in a naagin and a chudail and TRPs rocket like the Chandrayaan.

Be that as it may, doing a volte-face is Star Network’s Life OK, which has chosen to go all macho and rushed ideas relying on male interests.

Decent move? The truth will surface eventually as the say…fortune favors the overcome and one of a kind.

Presently, on comparable lines, Rowdy Rascals has been taking a shot at a lumpy and grungy thought which will spin around the dull forms of medications business.

The leads will play cops from the opiates office.

The attempt has been really taking shape since a long while now and the underlying pilot was shot with Shaleen Malhotra and Jennifer Winget as the heroes.

Things did not get down to business and the throwing went into disrepair.

Our trustworthy sources have sent a tip off that TV biggie, veteran and heartthrob Rajeev Khandelwal has been calls out to assume the main part and the light toward the finish of passage looks splendid, not disheartening. A pilot has been shot and submitted to the channel.

Rajeev, keep going found in Reporters on Sony TV, rose to distinction as Sujal in Kahin to Hoga and is an oscillator between extra large screen and TV space.

His arrival would surely gain eyeballs and loan the idea required gravitas and perceptional glory.

Outfitted with this piece of data, we rang up Rajeev, who sounded shaky and on looking for clarity on the improvement stated: “I don’t have anything to do with TV. I am not part of any Life OK appear.”

With this repartee, we crosschecked with our sources who adhered to their weapons and along these lines we chose to distribute the story. likewise associated with Rowdy Rascals proprietor Anirban Bhattacharya, who sent the question to co maker (Rowdy) Amar Deb.

We sent a content to Amar however he didn’t answer till the season of putting the article to bed.

On getting any return from the producers, we would overhaul the space in a jiffy.

Rajeev’s arrival would in reality mean some great watch on Indian TV.

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