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Ram Kapoor opens up about his family and more

Ram Kapoor has impressed many through his work in TV shows, web series and films, but to business cash he opens up about his relationship with his wife, weight and lessons of life.

Q: Are you satisfied with your massive achievements?

RK: Any actor is never totally satisfied, he wants more and more each time. So, that is in me. I always want more and more and always wish to grow. I feel I am very lucky to have seen this kind of success. There are a lot of people who come to Mumbai and struggle hard. But I don’t think I will ever be satisfied.

Q: What is more difficult? Being father or being a husband?

RK: I think both are difficult.

Q: How do you take your failures?

RK: On this planet, every actor at some point in their life and career, experiences failures. No actor is born successful. Failures teach you a lot about yourself and I always embrace them.

Q: Behind every successful man, there is a woman. How has your wife helped you as backend support?

RK: I feel I am lucky, Gautami is wonderful. I am lucky to have someone from the media industry itself. She understands every problem that I go through. If I am working day and night, she doesn’t bother me and understands it better. She has always supported me. She has managed the home and children so well that she let me put in everything to my career.

Q: Any life lesson that you would like to share?

RK: Live and let others live their life peacefully. That is how always I have lived my life and thats what I teach my children.

Q: What would you like to say to your fans?

RK: You have always seen me playing different roles in different shows in my acting journey. But, on Zindagi Ke Crossroads, you will see Ram Kapoor being Ram Kapoor. I guarantee you will enjoy the show!

Q: You have lost weight?

RK: Just a little. I’m getting older and my kids are growing so I want to be fit.

Q: Anything that you won’t do?

RK: I will not do any mythology.

Q: Will you & Gautami ever work together?

RK: Gautami is now spoilt and choosy so will only work if she loves the concept and do it at a time that suits her as our young kids are priority for her. Maybe, once the kids are teenagers, she may consider working with me if the role is good. We keep our kids away from showbiz and allow them to have a natural upbringing and that keeps her busy now.

Q: Would you want your children to follow your path and be an actor?

RK: If they want to why not! My wife and I want our children to study. They are very young now and talk about acting as a career but we are clear, education first. And then they can decide on their career as per their capabilities.

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