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Raman refuses to marry Simran in Waaris

Drama…Drama and more show is the thing that you can expect in the coming scenes of &TV’s Waaris (Viniyard Films).

Steadfast watchers of the show will see some high voltage activity as the families meet up for Raman (Yatin Mehta) and Simran’s (Farhina Parvez) engagement.

In the up and coming plot, Raman will decline to wed pregnant Simran.

According to a dependable source, families with rigging up for Raman and Simran’s engagement however toward the end minute Raman will step far from the engagement.

OMG! What will be the reason?

Indeed, Raman’s father will caution him that on the off chance that he weds Simran he will slaughter her. Raman wouldn’t have any desire to lose Simran thus he will consent to his father’s order.

This horrible demonstration of Raman’s father will break Raman and Simran’s relationship.

We are certain creators have more wanders aimlessly wanted to keep watchers stuck.

Fariha stayed inaccessible for a remark.

For the time being, fanatics of Waaris can appreciate this up and coming track and stay tuned to this space for more redesigns.

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