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Ronit Roy’s humantarian cause faces criticism by Raj Nayak!

Take a look at what went down on their Twitter handles earlier.

The demonetization drive has affected a lot of people in the country. Ever since 500 and 1000 rupee notes were banned, the nation has been shaken. While some try to somehow launder their black money, many honest people are made to wait in lines outside banks and other currency exchange booths. Hours of waiting has caused a lot of people problems. Not all Indians are capable of standing in long queues and are going through a lot.

A few good people and organisations have come forward and decided to help people by giving them aid like water, food, and shade. Actor Ronit Roy has also come forward to help out the people in need, but his cause faced criticism by Colors’ CEO Raj Nayak!

Ronit Posted this tweet which sparked the conversation –

To which Raj Nayak questioned about how he is willing to help.

Ronit Explained about how he intends to and what extent he is willing to help. Raj Nayak wanted to clarify a bigger point here and that is how is his effort going to help tens and thousands of people.

Ronit replied here that he is willing to do whatever is possible for him and has already assigned roles to his staff that is out helping people.

It’s a very good initiative and we hope that all those who are able to help, join hands and follow your cause!

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