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SAB TV’s Chidiya Ghar: Gomukh-Mayuri’s marriage in trouble

Chidiya Ghar’s (SAB TV and Garima Productions) adorable looking couple Gomukh (Sumit Arora) and Mayuri (Shafaq Naaz), will soon confront a few inconveniences in their wedded life.

Yes people, envy and frailties will make issues between the two!

According to the plot, amid Mayuri’s birthday party, where everybody will move, Mayuri will hold Gomukh’s hand and bring him powerfully on the move floor. Gomukh with his strange move moves will wind up stamping Mayuri feet. This will agitate her and she would wind up yelling at him before everybody. This episode would annoy Gomukh.

Puppy, who is a move mentor, will choose to take an interest in a move rivalry with Mayuri. Nonetheless, his shrouded intention will be to draw near to Koyal (Aditi Sajwan) and discover her sentiments towards him. He will utilize Mayuri as a snare to enter the Chidya Ghar.

Presently, Gomukh would get uncertain seeing Puppy and Mayuri drawing near while moving. An envious and unreliable Gomukh, will attempt to interfere with their instructional courses because of which Puppy will choose to prepare Mayuri at his place.

Will Gomukh figure out how to stop Mayuri drawing near to Puppy?

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