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Sanskar and Sahil ‘come to blows’ for Swara in Swaragini!

An intense drama coming up soon on Colors’ beloved show Swaragini…

As per the ongoing track of Colors’ Swaragini, the enemies have united to take on the Maheshwari family. Parineeta and Sahil have joined hands and are busy plotting nefarious plans to attain their ulterior motives.

Sahil (Anuj Sachdeva), who is madly in love with Swara (Helly Shah) will be seen getting disguised as a Pandit. The family will hold a Durga Pooja wherein Sahil will enter as a Pandit. But soon his real identity will get exposed by Sanskar, resulting into a big fall out. Sahil will take out a knife to kill Sanskar, but Sanskar will tactfully escape the situation, saving himself.

Eventually, cops will come and arrest Sahil. However, this does not mark the end of Sahil’s chapter as he will be immediately released from the jail.

He will then plot an evil plan to kidnap Swara. He will send a lady to Swara, inviting her to a charity event. Swara would readily agree to grace the event. However, to everyone’s surprise, the family members will soon be informed that Swara has been kidnapped!

How Sanskar manages to save his lady love is going to be a wait and watch!
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