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Simar and Sanjana to disguise their appearances for a motive in Sasural Simar Ka

Mumbai: Colors’ daily drama Sasural Simar Ka (Rashmi Sharma Telefilms) now gears up for some exciting twist that will be witnessed in the coming episodes.

In the coming episodes of the series, Sanjana (Krissann Barretto) will disguise her look for a mission.

Wondering what’s the mission going to be? Read on –

Our source informs us that in the forthcoming episodes of the show, Sanjana will join hands with Simar (Keerti Kelkar) to stop Piyush’s (Varun Sharma) and Avni (Monica Sharma) wedding.

Simar and Sanjana will disguise themselves as waiters to enter the Bhardwaj House to stop Avni and Piyush’s wedding. Simar wants to expose the evil motives Hema has behind Avni and Piyush’s wedding.

What do you think about Sasural Simar Ka?

Will Simar and Sanjana’s plan work? The upcoming episodes of the daily will unearth the answer to this question.

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