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Surbhi Jyoti in a ‘new’ avatar in Star Plus’ Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai

The end of the week thriller Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai, genuinely keeps its gathering of people on the edge of their seats!

As of late, had detailed about Geetanjali (Surbhi Jyoti) kicking the bucket bafflingly. Also, the onus of her demise, would have gone ahead Abhimanyu (Shoaib Ibrahim).

Presently, in today’s scene, Rishabh (Sharad Kelkar), who trusts that Abhimanyu has killed his sister will summon the police.

Shared a source, “As the cops would attempt to discover prove, Abhimanyu on his part would be seen wrecking them furtively. In any case, tragically, he won’t have the capacity to finish his undertaking, and with the dread of being imprisoned, he will escape from the city.”

Also, here comes the bend.

While on the prepare, he will meet a young lady called Chamki will’s identity Geetanjali’s carbon copy. In spite of the fact that she will have a similar face, she will be totally not the same as Geetanjali as a man. She will be a tribal banjara young lady.


He will take after the young lady to the mela and with a specific end goal to her consideration he will volunteer to be her objective while she will toss blades at him, blindfolded.

Appears as though it will be some truly energizing circumstances ahead!

Get the scene this evening and do tell us how you discovered it!!

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