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‘Tantrum Queen’ Teni demands to LEAVE the Bhanushali house in Dil Se Dil Tak

Mumbai: It was only yesterday that we reported about Teni (Jasmin Bhasin) returning to the Bhanushali house after a ‘bar dance’ drama which was a cause of upheaval in Parth’s (Rohan Gandotra) life. The lady has lost her memory and it is the Bhanushali family which is trying to handle Teni in Dil Se Dil Tak (Shashi Sumeet Productions).

Parth has turned a driver for Teni as that’s how Teni perceives him to be.

The viewers will now be presented a ‘breakfast table’ drama where Dadaji will ask Parth to join them for breakfast in Teni’s absence. Just then Teni will be seen entering the scene cribbing and complaining about Ipshita.

She will behave unreasonably by deciding to leave the house since she cannot get enough sleep because of the kid. Parth will then persuade her to stay.

Will Parth offer Teni to stay in his room? How will Shorvari (Rashami Desai) react to this? Will Teni leave the house? Let’s wait and watch.

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