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Thakur prays to get Sarada rid of emotional ties in Jagat Janani Maa Sarada

Get ready to watch a lot of interesting sequences in the coming episodes of Akash Aath’s period drama, Jagat Janani Maa Sarada!

Well, a source shared that in the coming episode of the series, Thakur (Suman Kundu) will behave mysteriously as Jogin Maa will express her desire to visit the pious shrine of RadhaKrishna at Vrindavan. Thakur will give enough indications to state that everything is predestined; Jogin Maa, however, will fail to understand Thakur’s indications.

On the other hand, considering her husband’s deteriorating health, Sarada (Arpita Mondol) will decide to surrender to God and go to Tarekeshwar to pray for Thakur.

Thakur this time will allow Sarada for the same, provided Laxmimoni accompanies her.

But will Sarada agree to Thakur’s condition? Yes, she will agree and then proceed for her prayer followed by the three days’ and three nights’ fast.

Meanwhile, Thakur being the all knowing soul will pray to Maa Bhabatarini to get Sarada rid of all emotional ties.

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