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Thapki and Bihaan ‘REMARRY’, Kabir will do the most ‘UNEXPECTED’ thing in Thapki…Pyaar Ki!

This will leave Bihaan and Thapki surprised

Things seem to be getting better for Thapki and Bihaan in Pandey Niwas in Colors’ Thapki…Pyaar Ki as the family has geared up for their marriage once again!

Yes, Thapki and Bihaan will be getting re-married in the show and this decision will be taken by all the members of the family.

When this decision is declared, Bihaan will be surprised and will inform that a celebration of sorts is not required for his and Thapki’s reunion, and this will be followed by a humorous escapade.

The show will once again introduce another twist with Kabir’s entry in the scene and he will stop the marriage!

A source informs, “Kabir will pull out the divorce papers and just when the viewers assume that he is up to something nasty once again, he will take the viewers aback by tearing the papers and declaring that all he wants is to see Thapki happy. Kabir will be content to know that Bihaan was not responsible for his sister and her family’s death and will turn positive.”

How will things turn out for Thapki and Bihaan as they get married once again?

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