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Time for some ROMANCE in Life OK’s Ghulaam

Life OK’s prime time indicate Ghulaam has been satisfying crowds with its nail gnawing story track and effective exhibitions as far back as the show started.

Gatherings of people will soon observe celebration of hues celebrated on Ghulaam with all the pizzazz and fun. This bright celebration is good to go to get hues in Shivani’s (Niti Taylor’s) miserable and discouraged life. Watchers will see blending adoration and sentiment between Shivani (Niti Taylor) and Rangeela (Param Singh) this Holi.

The Holi grouping in Ghulaam will have heaps of move, show, sentiment, which will keep the gathering of people needing for me. The cast had some good times shooting for this grouping as they could move keeping aside their every day routine of in-your-face show.

“Typically my character Shivani is dismal and discouraged as she is compelled to be with Veer who she doesn’t care for however for this specific arrangement I was advised to drink bhaang and do a cheerful move. As I am enamored with moving, I had an extraordinary time shooting for the Holi arrangement. Watchers will see an alternate side of Shivani,” remarked Niti.

“Aside from this fun and skip holidance grouping, there is likewise a sentimental track soon to kick-begin amongst Shivani and Rangeela. Shivani and my fans have been sitting tight for us to meet up in the show and they will at long last get the chance to perceive what they have needed to see as far back as the show started,” said Param.

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