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Vikram and Jyoti to get engaged in Sony TV’s Jaat Ki Jugni

Sony Entertainment Television’s sentimental show Jaat Ki Jugni (Rashami Sharma Productions) is loaded with unforeseen rates and has been keeping the gathering of people snared.

In the current occasions, Munni (Madirakshi Mundle) and Bittu (Vishal Vashishtha) are discovering out of the wilderness amid which they battle a ton.

Bittu implores her to help him in letting Dr. Vikram (Paras Madaan) and Jyoti (Barkha Singh) flee effectively so as to get hitched.

Inconvenience begins when Munni’s siblings grab the four and Chaudhary Gajendra (Yash Tonk) brings Munni back home and requests Bhim (Amit Pachori) to execute the rest three.

They give Bittu an unforgiving beating until Munni gets away from the house to seek Bittu’s offer assistance.

What will occur next?

According to our sources, Chaudhary Gajendra will play it cool and quiet, and let Jyoti and Dr. Vikram get occupied with a fantastic function.

Bittu’s folks Masterji (Sagar Saini) and Phool Kumari (Rinku Karmarkar) will likewise choose to receive Vikram as he is a vagrant. They will grasp the duty to complete Dr. Vikram and Jyoti’s engagement function.

Yet, the astounding component is, surprisingly, has Chaudhary Gajendra truly turned into all cool or there is something more?

Will he be truly upbeat for their engagement which he was emphatically against for so long?

Figure you’ll need to continue viewing Jaat Ki Jugni to realize what occurs next.

When we addressed Paaras, he stated, “There’s a great deal of show coming in for watchers, remain snared.”

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