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Vinit Kakar ecstatic on being appreciated by the makers of Vignaharta Ganesha!

Mumbai, 28 January 2018: Vinit Kakar recently entered Sony TV’s Vignaharta Ganesha (Contiloe Entertainment) as Andhakasur and we must say; he is doing a brilliant job by getting into the skin of his character. And it is not only us, who are saying this but the channel and production house too!

Vinit mentioned that the honchos are very happy with his talent and that he has worked very hard to reach this stage.

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He mentioned, “Doing mythological shows is not every actor’s cup of tea. We need to enact someone who is ancient. The mannerisms and poise is very important. Secondly actors here are required to have a very strong hold over language. Hindi has a bend towards Urdu as well as Sanskrit. The challenge is to adapt to the bend towards Sanskrit. And with the language, the actor needs to enact the character. Personally speaking, for an actor to do a dailysoap is a cakewalk as compared to a mythological show and that is one of the primary reasons why actors do not opt to be a part of it.”

Vinit has not only working on honing his skills but also worked on his body as well!

He said, “I was recently felicitated with the Best Body award at my gym. My weight was 90 and I have come down to 67. I am committed to staying fit!”

Way to go Vinit!

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