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Vivek looks very cute when he snores: Divyanka Tripathi revealing bedroom secrets

Divyanka and Vivek are undoubtedly the most adored couple from Tellydom.
Their victory in dance reality show was a clear evidence of how much fans love Divek. It’s been over a year since they’ve got married yet the romance between the two has not ceased.
In an exclusive heart of hearts conversation with Divyanka for the first time revealed secrets from her bedroom. The beautiful lady shares startling secrets about what goes behind the doors of the venerated duo.
Read on!
Which is your favorite side of bed?
Me on the left side and Vivek on the right. We are sorted.
Who makes the morning bed tea?
We don’t get to meet in the morning. Vivek makes the night time tea (mostly), sometimes I do when for instance, I am getting ready for my schedule the next day.
Who snores?
Him! Of course! I wish I could mimic him. He really looks cute when he snores.
Ever fought for a blanket?
No, we share one and I take one blanket extra. So we never fight.
Cuddle or kiss: What do you both prefer?
What are you comfortable wearing in your bedroom, Pajamas or a sexy lingerie?
My silk pajamas! I don’t like the obstructions of my nighties and my straps, I just want to be free while sleeping.
Do you prefer to keep the Lights on or off?
It depends, but mostly off.
Who makes the first move?
I’m not answering that (Laughs)

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