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What? This extremely hot and stylish actor is a PIMP

Mumbai: The world of entertainment is fascinating, riveting and addictive to the core. It is replete with glitz and glamour and highly colourful. As much as it looks alluring from the outside, there’s also a lot of skin, infidelity and sleaze the world of television and Bollywood. More than you could even fathom.

This is a business cash scoop. However, given the degree of its sensitivity, we would refrain from directly naming the actors involved. Rather we have chosen to have them anonymous.

According to a little birdie, a popular male celebrity is involved in the trade of escort servicing. The actor in contention is not known for his career in Bollywood but his drool worthy looks.

He made his debut years back with a sleeper hit, however acting offers started declining, maybe due to his not-so-great acting skills. He was seen in films only to disappear eventually. He was back in news due to his infamous war with a popular celebrity wife, which gave him much mileage and brought him in the limelight.

The hot stud claims to spend most of his time abroad due to business reasons and an insider – who was offered to be a part of his business – revealed some dirty secrets about his “business”. The source reveals that the actor who is extremely famous these days on social media, supplies hot men and women including actors and models, to people abroad. He works discreetly and is known for providing the hottest escorts to his high-end customers. “In fact, there have been many times, when he himself has taken the charge to satisfy some of his special customers,” a source claims. The actor – who supposedly swings both the ways – plays in millions of bucks, “since he provides high-end actors, actresses and fitness models as escorts.”

If you are thinking who all are included in his clientele list, we have details about them too. They are socialites, Page 3 regulars, business tycoons – including one of the A-listed popular business tycoons of the country – and personalities like the star wife he had a brawl with. His commerce only functions outside the country.

Though he never enjoyed success in Bollywood, he is currently enjoying it on social media sites. Despite not being such a great actor, he is a popular name amidst the teenagers.

Could you guess who this actor is?

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