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When Peshwa Bajirao actresses visited ‘Gents’ toilet

It seems the girls of Sony TV’s Peshwa Bajirao don’t want boys to have all the fun!
With the Toilet movie fever ubiquitious, the Peshwa girls too promoted the film in their own unique way.
The girls actually visited gents’ washroom and clicked a funny picture posing next to the urinals.

Speaking more about this funny and unique act, Poonam Pandey whose boyfriend and actor Mohit Baghel, who plays the role of Gotiya in Peshwa, shared, “Well, the entire gang of Peshwa including Mohit and I went for a dinner. That’s where, Mohit thought of this funny idea by asking the girls to visit the boys’ washroom. In a way our intention was to promote Akshay Kumar’s newly launched film Toilet. It was of course a very rare experience as obviously I have never visited gents’ toilet earlier.”
Have fun girls!

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