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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage – Factors that favour the show

Saba Mumtaz and Rahul Kumar Tewary (Mumtaz Saba Productions) hold hands once more after ‘Meri Saasu Maa’ to present to the watchers a novel story, Yeh Moh Ke Dhaage on Sony TV.

This will be a normal case of the “provincial” belief systems conflicting with that of the “urban” assumptions!!

While we have the male hero Mukhi, being the exceptionally regarded individual in the town of Amboli, we have the ambitious city-reproduced young lady Aru who is profoundly energetic towards her work and dreams.

So what are the viewpoints that will drive the group of onlookers to watching this intriguing story?

Rebound of Eijaz Khan:

Surely, topping the rundown will be the energetically anticipated return of mainstream hunk, Eijaz Khan. Last found in shows Laut Aao Trisha and Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai, Eijaz’ experience and acting ability will unquestionably be one of the mainstays of the show. What’s more, to see him in such a never-seen symbol of an ordinary town reared fellow in a customary Gujrati clothing will just add to the freshness of the show. In the wake of having seen Eijaz for the most part as the smooth, nice looking, modern person in his prior shows, this is to be sure another test for the skilled performing artist. Not to overlook the tremendous fan taking after that Eijaz will get to the show!!

Female lead – A Contrast to anticipate!!

While Eijaz has the sponsorship of his fans, we have Niyati Fatnani who is moderately new, the mix which acquires a new flavor!! Niyati has no things of past characters, and this will make it simple for her to get into the shoes of the female hero, Aru who is a direct inverse of Mukhi. While Mukhi is self-educated, having picked up information as the day progressed to-day encounters, Aru is very much fulfilled scholastically. This will get an ocean change in the discernments that both of them will have towards life..

However another differentiation – The Age Difference!!

He’s 42 and she’s 22!! What’s more, this keeps them eras separated!! Notwithstanding being raised in totally extraordinary living setups, another angle that makes them remarkable are the ages they are into!! Mukhi has seen everything and has become more astute with age. Yes, Aru may be more astute with a knowledgeable foundation, yet that does not imply that she has confronted all the intense circumstances that life as a rule puts a man into!! At 22, life has quite recently started for her and there is significantly a greater amount of changed feelings that she needs to see and experience…

The atmosphere and setting make it extraordinary!!

Gujarat and the different places in and around have been colorfully caught in the show, and passing by the promos, the scenery gives a decent look and feel to the show. The producers have shot at different regions of Ahmedabad, Kutch, Bhuj and the Gujarati flavor will positively win over the groups of onlookers in snappy time…

Interest over its extraordinary love story

With the leads being posts separated in their way of life, philosophies and ages, it will be an intriguing watch to perceive how their lives impact. The way that the conflict will kick-begin a special love story, gives guarantee.

In general, a show to anticipate considering that it originates from inventive people, Saba Mumtaz and Rahul Kumar Tewary.

Begin to watch Yeh Moh Ke Dhaage from today around evening time, 21 March at 7 PM on Sony TV.

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